Core Value: Spiritual Maturity
Core Purpose: Equip His People
Goal: To give people tools for godly living.

Winter Quarter 
Sunday Morning Classes 

This quarter of classes will begin January 8th

Family Discipleship 

Led by Scott Aker | Location: Upper Room

This long-term class will be centered on creating environments for increased biblical knowledge and fellowship. The class will be geared towards attendees who are in the stage of life where family discipleship is needed or may be in the future. Topics will not always be centered on family discipleship material. The thought is that as we know Scripture better, know each other better, and create genuine relationships, our ability to disciple our families into loving Jesus more will be the natural result.

Also, this is not just a "club" for young families. As mentioned on Sunday, we are also strongly encouraging attendees who are passionate about mentoring younger couples and may be "down the road a little further" be a part of this course. This cross-generational model is certainly scriptural in its founding.

The Pastoral Epistles | The Letters to Timothy and Titus 

Led by Tim Dewhurst, Loren Kuhn, and Jonah Colvin | Location: Fellowship Hall

As the early church expanded and the Apostle Paul’s ministry was coming to an end, he wrote letters to Timothy and to Titus to instruct them concerning matters of the church with warnings against false teachings. Instructions to Timothy and Titus for the first century church are just as valid to the church universal and Southgate Baptist Church today. In these letters are instructions concerning elders and deacons and other instructions for the church. Several of these instructions (concepts) invoke controversy concerning their application. We anticipate that this class will be thought-provoking and will include lively discussion. Christ has left instructions for His church, and we need to be faithful with what has been entrusted to us.

The Eight Covenants of the Bible

Led by Mike Barnett | Locations: Room 210-211 (Accessible by elevator)