Core Value: Spiritual Maturity
Core Purpose: Equip His People
Goal: To give people tools for godly living.

Sunday Morning Classes 

This quarter of classes will begin September 10th

Family Discipleship 

Led by Scott Aker | Location: Upper Room

This long-term class will be centered on creating environments for increased biblical knowledge and fellowship. The class will be geared towards attendees who are in the stage of life where family discipleship is needed or may be in the future. Topics will not always be centered on family discipleship material. The thought is that as we know Scripture better, know each other better, and create genuine relationships, our ability to disciple our families into loving Jesus more will be the natural result.

Minor Prophets

Led by Jonah Colvin, Bob Chasnov, & Craig Terrell | Location: Fellowship Hall

Over the course of the next year, Jonah Colvin, Bob Chaznov, and Craig Terrell, will be doing a study on the Book of the 12 commonly known as the Minor Prophets. This section of scripture contains many different writing styles like prophecy, narratives, and poetry which when read together can be difficult to understand. But through the working of the Holy Spirit, these books have been brought together for a very specific purpose.

Join us as we begin to explore how each of these books interacts with one another and leads us to a deeper understanding of God's future judgment of the world and His restoration of His people to a Kingdom with Him forever. These books are more than just historical documents, they are Christian scriptures that have meaning and relevance for us today as we seek to follow Him and wait for the return of our King. 

Old Testament Survey 

Led by Tim Dewhurst, Joe Gummel, and Denny Moritz | Location: Choir Room

This fall, we will be taking a big-picture view of the Old Testament. We will look at how these individual writings are woven together to reveal God’s plan of salvation and how His love, mercy, and grace combine to redeem us.

This Equip-U class will be based on the Old Testament Literature class which is part of Cedarville University’s Bible minor. Cedarville has provided a valuable resource to us by making videos of these classes available. Old Testament Literature, taught by Dr. Chris Miller, is one of the most popular courses on campus and Dr. Miller is one of the students’ favorite professors. By providing a cohesive study of these books as a whole, this class is a source of rich, spiritual blessing as we see God’s working throughout history.

We trust that each class member will grow spiritually, learn new insights, and draw closer to God by reading His Word, watching these engaging lectures, and participating in class discussions.